Monday, 15 June 2015

School's (almost) out!

As the countdown to the start of the summer holidays begins (I appreciate it that not all parents look forward to this as much as us teachers do!), many of us start to think of presents to buy our children’s teachers. Can I reassure you that none of us teachers-at least the ones I know-expect anything form parents or pupils for doing our job but are equally overwhelmed by the generosity of so many. Many years ago I was surprised yet delighted when I received 7 bottles of the same wine from different pupils in my Form class whilst at the same time horrified when one of the pupils informed me that her mum worked in the closest off-sales to my home and reassured her daughter and her friends that this was my favourite type!
If parents want to show their appreciation, home-made gifts are always lovely-a batch of brownies in a keepsake tin, a poem written by your little one or some personalised gifts such as these which are available from Edie Sloan

Pens, pencil cases, note-cards and mugs are also great favourites of mine and I always seem to find something in TK Maxx.

As Robbie has only ever had female teachers, it’s easy to forget about the poor old males so some of these would make great gifts for them-a lunch box and mug as well as some Emma Bridgewater files which they could use to sort all of that end-of-year paperwork.

Would love to hear what you buy your wee ones' teachers.