Sunday, 8 February 2015

About me...

My name is Tracy and I am a 47 year old full-time teacher, wife to Lexy and mum to 8 year old Robbie. I have eventually got round to starting a blog-not because I feel that I am an expert on anything, far from it, but because I have been persuaded by a few friends who will remain nameless who seem to think I should share my limited knowledge on finding stylish bargains and my knack for sourcing items which others seek!

 I am a TK Maxx freak-it helps that I can see their red iconic sign from my first floor living room-but shop anywhere and everywhere in my quest to dress myself and my family in a fashionable yet affordable manner. The 8 year old presents no problems as yet-it's my hubby who has no interest and would gladly spend all of his non-working moments in jeans and a crew neck sweater. However, I won't give up my efforts to turn him into Mr Boden!
I also love finding unique, quirky items for my home and have filled it with everything from the high street, bespoke pieces, antiques, skip finds and other people's junk-much to the annoyance of Lexy! Our Victorian 3 storey terrace is a work in progress-a bit like the Forth Road Bridge-but it is a home full of happy memories of time spent with friends and family, a place of celebrations and 'craic'.
I'm not sure where this is going, or if you find anything I post of any interest or use, but I'd love you to share some of your thoughts and feelings-and of course any tips of your own.
Happy reading
Tracy x