Monday, 21 December 2015

Countdown to Christmas!

The date never changes yet every year Christmas Day seems to catch me by surprise. Normally I start looking forward to the festive season as soon as the Christmas magazines appear in newsagents around the end of September yet am totally overwhelmed and exhausted by it before I even have my first present wrapped! However, a trip to Scotland for my cousin's big birthday party at the end of November started to put me in the mood-waking up to a winter wonderland.


The countdown begins...

Going for a white theme this year...




..,with some coloured stars thrown into the mix.

Attempting to get a cousins photo...

The wrapping process has begun-albeit in gift bags! 

Individually wrapping  25 small gifts for my Form Class seemed like a good idea-until I got to about number 3! 

Adding a splash of colour with my gorgeous handmade reindeer cushion by Elaine at Jems. 

    Copied this wooden horse from Emma at Life at The Little Wood -sleigh also from TK Maxx
Tree number 1... 

... and number 2
How gorgeous is this? I can only take credit for the stand-delicious pudding by Donna, childminder, friend and neighbour. 

To get us into the mood today- and to make up for my lack of writing Christmas cards-Robbie decided that we should deliver some little gifts to neighbours who we never have time to chat to. 



We had a lovely afternoon, especially chatting to my very spritely 91 year old neighbour who was expecting the milkman but who was over the moon to have us two unexpected callers. It really did give me a lift to listen to her plans for the festive period-spending precious time with her family instead of worrying about the endless shopping and buying materialistic items-many of which will be forgotten by the end of January.
I'm really going to try and remember that in the next few days!
Hope you are all having a lovely run up to the special day-but remembering to take time for yourself.

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