Saturday, 25 July 2015

Spanish sun and super sales

What a bad blogger I've been lately and I'm embarrassed to say that despite being in Spain for 5 weeks with 'nothing to do', I've had no time to post! How can that be possible? Although holidays are a time for us to relax and wind down, it's also a time for us to catch up with friends and family and somehow the days just seem to slip away. 
During the last 3 weeks we have caught up with best friends from home (it's a bit worrying that we have to go all the way to the south of Spain to see friends from Magherafelt and even Bangor!), spent time with my sister, mum, niece, nephew, cousins and their children and friends who we have known forever from holidaying here. We have celebtrated my birthday, our wedding anniversary and said farewell to many whose annual holiday has come to an end. It may seem like we have all the time in the world here but time can easily slip away with late nights and long lies-in. 
I am full of great intentions of getting out for an early morning walk but if I miss that window of opportunity, I'm afraid there is no way I'm attempting it in the 40+ degree heat we have been having! Instead we have been having leisurely breakfasts-some healthier than others-before venturing out into the heat! One of my favourite eateries here is Conrado's which I love just as much for its decor as its food and drink.



One of my healthier options...



...Robbie's not so healthy option!

And for a quick, tasty dinner-home-made steak burgers topped with goat's cheese-yum!

Accompanied by my favourite tipple...

A new discovery this year is a lovely little restaurant called 'La Cuchara' which we have visited on a number of occasions and are certainly going to visit a few more times-so delicious is the menu! 

As much as I love to shop, the weeks spent in Spain in the summer is the one time when I do least shopping. I bought very little for this year's holidays-instead digging out some of my old favourites. 


However, as the weather has been so hot, I've had to ditch some of my heavier items and after just an hour in the shops, I managed to snap up a few bargains such as navy off-the-shoulder top for €13 and shorts from Boden. 

Zara's summer sales are great and I picked up these trousers and top-which I will be able to wear at home too-for €15 and €9! Next year I'm bringing an empty case and buying it all here! 

Suede shorts €20 from Zara and to also from Zara.

Not to be outdone, Lexy managed to get a new pair of shorts too-for €9-as did one of our friends who decided he couldn't miss out on the bargain! 

Hope you are all having a lovely summer-wherever you are.

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