Monday, 29 June 2015

Weddings, whites and wine!

Wedding season is here and over the last few weeks I have had a busy time attending a wedding shower, an afternoon 'hen party' and wedding party. I love how there is such a selection of accessories to dress homes in the run up to weddings and I especially loved these to celebrate the wedding of my cousin Lauren.


To celebrate the forthcoming wedding of a friend, a group of us attended a 'Make a Memory Quilt' afternoon at Edie Sloan where each of us had to 'create' a patch of a quilt, incorporating a memory of the bride.

Jumpsuit from ASOS

As Jenny the bride and I had been on a school trip together to Barcelona a few years ago, I used this memory as inspiration for my section. Once all of our sections are complete, Karen from Edie Sloan transforms our masterpieces into a quilt to be presented to the bride before her big day.

This is a lovely way to spend a day and Karen's homemade afternoon tea is delicious. 

I have gone a bit 'white-mad' lately, from tunics to trousers, dresses, tops and shorts. Having spent years as a new mum avoiding all things white, I've become a bit more courageous lately and to be honest, I'm more likely to cause spillages and stains than Robbie is!

My white and silver tunic was bought in Pomodoro while in Corsica and the jacket is from Jackson's of Saintfield. Necklace is from New Look.

White linen dress from TK Maxx,  and denim jacket is from Boden.

Wine all the way...
I recently attended a reunion for those of us who left my school in the 80s-although for  most attendees it was a case of a 30 year reunion-how frightening is that? Although I still see a number of former school mates, it has been quite a while since so many of us had had the chance to meet up-despite the annual Christmas card with promises to organise a get together in the new year. 
Skirt-Twiggy Collection on ebay
Top George at Asda
Pompoms Next

Although I was excited at the thought of the evening, it wasn't the case for some of my friends whose comments ranged from 'How do I explain braces on my teeth at almost 50?' to 'I've got 3 days to lose 3 stones!' and 'What have I done with my life?' With much giggling and reminiscing, we arrived at the venue to have a wonderful night-catching up with old classmates-some more easily recognizable than others-apologising to former teachers for our behaviour as love struck teenagers, more interested in the boys in Fifth form than learning the conjugation of German verbs and grooving on the dance floor to iconic hits from Sister Sledge and Blondie! The ballot prizes consisted of a wide range of 80s themed goodies and I returned home with a bottle of Blue Nun which my sources tell me is now quite a fashionable wine since its revamp.

 I think I'll just take their word for it and stick to something a little more special...

And finally...
As the summer holidays roll in front of us, we can easily become swept away with booking up activities to entertain our wee ones which can quickly mount up financially-especially with more than one child. As as much as I love time spent abroad, I feel very blessed to have such a range of often free facilities on our doorstep at home-especially when the sun shines. June has brought with it the urge to get homework and schoolwork out of the way as quickly as possible in the evenings (and that's just us adults) so that more time can be spent outdoors. During the last month we have had post-dinner rock pooling at our local beach, ice-cream in the Walled Garden and a fun-filled weekend at Sea Bangor which had something for everyone. 

All aboard!

I so need one of these!

Let's hope the promised heatwave makes an appearance this week-the perfect way to start the school holidays.
What are your plans for the summer? As usual, I'd love to read your comments.