Thursday, 2 February 2017

Perfect Pizza Party

I am always on the quest for ideas for birthdays-if it’s not for Robbie’s then it’s for friends and family’s ‘wee ones’ and am still trying to decide on the format for my own big one later this year-all suggestions on a postcard please! Anyway, we were recently invited to a friend’s son’s pizza party at Pizza Express Zac’s Moustache Bash- and I was more than  pleasantly surprised. The staff were exceptional when it came to dealing with 20+ children ageing between 6 months and 10 years-and then there’s the adults to consider.

The party was booked for 11am on a Saturday morning-perfect timing for some serious dough throwing before the restaurant opens to the public. After marching the children to the toilets for a wash up military style, each budding pizza chef was kitted out in their apron and hat-ready to pound and roll. 

The kids were given child friendly instructions from the staff who showed great patience-replacing pizza dough when some were rolled so thin, they became transparent! It was a great party to get the parents involved too-while they weren’t enjoying coffee with some homemade moustache themed cupcakes brought in by the birthday boy’s aunt.

The birthday boy Zac, adding his final touches!

Great fun was had as the kids chose their favourite toppings to adorn their handmade pizzas and while they cooked up nicely in the ovens, the party-goers tucked in to some activities at the tables while they munched their way through their dough balls and salad. 

The kids were delighted with their 'party bag pizza boxes' filled with chocolate moustaches, photo booth props as well as individual Polaroid snaps of the day-what's not to love?

I will definitely be considering Pizza Express for any future parties.