Sunday, 8 March 2015

Shoes, space and sales!

Despite having a number of winter shoes and boots, and deciding that I'd be buying no more until it was time for Spring footwear, I couldn't resist buying another pair of Superdry boots this week! 

With my love of all things shiny and sparkly, I couldn't resist these black shimmery and grey suede ankle boots with their lovely brass zips and bright blue lining. I figure that with our unpredictable weather, there will always be an opportunity to wear them-even in Spring or Summer!

As I try to find a home for yet more footwear, I decided today that I need to have a mega clear out which usually involves a trip to my local charity shop or listing a load of items on eBay and whilst it gives me great pleasure to parcel off some of my 'must-have-now' items to their new owners, it is 
quite time consuming. Therefore, I've decided to have another one of my at-home sales for 'Robbie's  Rags!' 
I held one of these a few years ago which involved inviting a bunch of my mummy friends around for wine, nibbles and shopping where I sold off lots of items which Robbie had outgrown yet were still in  great condition. I still pass on lots of items to friends and family but in these days when we all love to buy bargains, it makes sense for more of us to 'sell on' rather than simply 'pass on'.

Robbie and I had great fun organising 'his shop', whereby he helped sort, hang, display and price items, colour co-ordinating as much as possible. We displayed clothes and shoes everywhere- on a pine free-standing towel rail, hanging from the fireplace, shoes on a display unit and smaller items in some old suitcases. The great thing was that anything which wasn't sold, was popped into the cases and taken along to my local charity shops.

With a few glasses of wine and nibbles we all had a great evening and I still get pleasure from seeing some of my friends' boys dressed in outfits which I loved so much to buy in the first place. As we look forward to spring, I may organise it for an afternoon this time-with afternoon tea, and the obligatory Prosecco for some friends (you know who you are!) or might just go for some yummy home-cut fries served in their own mini basket (available from TK Maxx).

So with the new season on its way, why not do the same? It's a great excuse for a clear-out, get together and a chance to add a few coppers to the shopping fund! 

Join me next time for some inspiring ideas for kids' birthday parties.