Sunday, 7 June 2015

Storage, stars and shorts...

I am on a continual quest to be more organised and tidy in all aspects of my life as I have lost count of the number of hours I have lost trying to find that matching shoe, missing school note or a pen that actually writes! (Why, when we try a pen and discover that it doesn't work, don't we through it out, or is that just me?)
My obsession with buying myself shoes doesn't stop with me-I find it spills over into buying shoes for Robbie too. You would think I would have learned my lesson buying him more than a few pairs of shoes the same size which he quickly grows out of but no! Just last week I found a box of his wee shoes-7 pairs of the same size-7.5s! And if Lex would let me, there would be a host of new shoes for him too but why does a man need more than a black pair, brown pair and trainers, he asks!
With this ever-increasing shoe problem, I snapped up this storage basket from TK Maxx for a fiver which fits perfectly behind the front door which I hope will encourage Robbie to chuck his shoes into and will make finding them a tad easier.

My dad has always been an avid collector/buyer of antiques and all through my teenage years I coveted the most up-to-date, white, shiny MFI wardrobes of my friends but was instead subjected to large antique oak/pine wardrobes and dressing table.At one point I even suggested painting the 3 drawers of my Victorian dressing table in the 3 primary colours-you can imagine how that went down!
Fast forward at least 30 years and now I love to see my dad arriving with his 'goodies'-although in 
recent years I have had to turn down his offerings as we simply don't have the room. Over the years 
my home has housed church pews from our family church, bookcases from my old school and writing desks from skips! I was delighted a few years ago when he arrived with this old original school desk which I made a point of finding a home for. Robbie uses it each night to complete his homework-even though he still can't quite get his head round the concept of the inkwell! The shelf under the lift-up lid is perfect for storing all of his homework sheets-and great for a last minute tidy away.

I have a bit of an obsession with storage boxes and tins and these ones from TK Maxx are home to chargers, colours and console games, not to mention thousands of pieces of Lego and a stack of other bits and bobs. Their colours and 'stackability' mean I'm more than  happy for them to sit about our living room-again hopefully encouraging us all to put things away. That's the plan anyway!

One of my many obsessions (how many can one have?) is stars to the point that my lovely friend Cheryl was wearing  a star patterned scarf earlier this week and had to ask herself if I had bought if for her! In an attempt to get ready for our summer hols, I bought Robbie these fab jersey shorts which are perfect for pulling on after swimming. The 2 on the left were £9.99 each from TK Maxx (similar here) and the shorts on the right and the pull on canvas shoes are both Boden.
I also picked up these Ralph Lauren swimming shorts from TK Maxx for £16.99.
All we need now is for the sun to come out-here's hoping.
As always, I'd love to read your thoughts.