Monday, 6 April 2015

Sunny Style

So, we have just returned from 9 days in our home-from-home in Spain and despite loving holidays as much as I do, the one thing I loathe is packing for holidays! Easter is always a tricky time in the south of Spain as the weather is very unpredictable-scorching sunshine one minute, spring showers the next and this year was no exception so I was glad that I had packed layers for day and night.
Not brave enough to bare my legs until they had received a few rays, I was glad that I had brought my trusty jumpsuit with me, along with my sequin bolero jacket bought from Next about 4 years ago. 
Surprisingly, it was warm enough on a few evenings to venture out without a jacket and I resorted to yet another 2 piece trousers and top ensemble-another bargain from TK Maxx.
As it was cool and cloudy on a few days, long sleeves were required and I was glad I had brought my Boden Breton top along with another long sleeved fine knit from Massimo Dutti and striped shorts from Zara.
My love of leather doesn't leave when I venture abroad so my bargain M and S shell top and Boden sale trousers were packed and were perfect for the cooler nights.
I recently bought a matching yellow top and pleated skirt and although I loved the colour, the shape of the skirt didn't suit at all. I then remembered that I had bought a similar coloured top in Boden's sale at the end of last summer, which also had a matching pencil skirt-a shape which suits me much better. Kicking myself that I hadn't bought the skirt at the same time, I tortured Boden in case they had one in their clearance stock-no luck-and scoured eBay for one-again no luck! So, how surprised was I when I was packing for Spain and, going through some summer items, discovered the very skirt hanging in my wardrobe complete with labels-never worn? My memory is getting worse! My joy turned to despair when I foolishly ironed the top-resulting in a series of melted holes in one arm.
Not one to be easily deterred, I whisked it off to my trusty seamstress who, for £5, turned it into a short sleeved top.
Unfortunately, I ate and drank a bit too much of all of this so it will mean a bit of cutting back if I'm going to fit into any of these in the next few weeks. However, it is nearly the weekend...


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