Thursday, 23 April 2015

Short stories...

It was definitely a pink day for Pink Mum today as I unearthed yet another sale purchase from the end of last summer-a Boden shift dress in bubblegum pink and yet another charity shop find-a brand new Boden coat complete with labels for £8!
 With the arrival of the surprising yet much-appreciated sun this week, I decided to take the plunge and venture out and about this evening in my denim shorts-an expedition normally only undertaken in foreign climes or in August when my pins have had the benefit of 5 weeks of Mediterranean sun! I had been looking for denim shorts for a while but could find nothing which would suit unless you were aged 14 or a size 8! The problem? Too short, too tight, too 'distressed', too baggy, too high-waisted and that's without listing the problems with me! I was almost tempted to resort to tactics undertaken by many of us who grew up in the 70s-an old pair of jeans and a pair scissors! The only problem with this was that my jeans were also too tight, too baggy-you know how this goes! I found this pair in TX Maxx and they can actually be rolled up or down depending on how much flesh you want to flash. I also dug out a pink spotty Boden shirt,  bought too in the sale last summer but you can find similar here.

I also couldn't resist these new navy suede sandals with, of course, sequin embellishments! I love that they have a slight heel-sometimes flats are too flat!

So let's hope the sun continues so that we can ditch those heavy layers and get some wear out of all those lovely summery outfits.
I'd love to hear your thoughts-is over 40 over the hill for shorts? Tx