Monday, 9 February 2015

Green for Go!

As my blog name may suggest, pink is one of my preferred colours, along with purple, but inspired by my son's recent enthusiasm for all things 'green', having been selected as his class's 'Eco Team' rep, green has been a recurring colour in our house of late. This coincided with a number of green numbers being reduced in the sales which I couldn't resist-even though I rarely wear the colour. I'm still unsure if it's my thing-or should I say my colour-but I was lured by the sumptousness of my M and S faux fur coat-reduced to £51. 

Although the sun was shining in Bangor today, it was still nippy enough for fur, but at the same time I decided to ditch the winter boots in the hope that Spring is on its way and venture out sockless/tightless in my Next silver metallic brogues which are as comfy as slippers. 

My colleagues often tease me about my fetish for sequins and leather and today was no exception with my Boden navy sequin top-described as 'party top' in
the catalogue-but one which I wear to work, out for walks-and even climbing trees today. A bargain at £23 in the Boden sale, I was compelled to buy it in 3 colours! Lace trousers (also from Boden's sale) may also seem a bit over-the-top for work and play but the way I see it, I spend 5 days out of 7 at work so why not wear what you like every day? The worst that can happen is a leaky whitebaord marker-which has happened-but heyho, worse things happen at sea. 

I'm hoping that the lovely, bright weather today is a sign that winter is finally gone for another year but in the meantime, I'm getting the most out of my 'green gear!' 
Here's  to a fab Feb!