Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Happy Half-Term...

After the anticipation of half-term-3 whole days-it is almost over. Usually we escape the routine at a holiday time and take ourselves off on a short hotel break but this time we decided we would stay put and achieve some of those chores that only seem manageable during time off. I know all you non-teachers out there think us teachers have it easy with our endless holidays and 3.30 finishing times. If only! Although our holidays are indeed great, we don't have the luxury of having a full day off work for a dentist appointment like one friend I could mention or time to carry out mundane tasks like visiting the bank/doctor/ attend that favourite gym class during the working day so I was delighted to have the time to achieve a few of these whilst also having time to spend with my family.

Whilst it was bright and sunny most of the week, it was pretty chilly here beside the sea so layers were needed for the constant walking in the nippy air, jumping in and out of the car and the tropical temperatures of being poolside at Bangor Aurora. As our cleaners were due to arrive early on Monday and I planned to be in the pool at some point, it was a case of choosing something which required no ironing and could be pulled on/off with ease so it was my black M and S leather skirt from eBay, Mexx top and cape from my usual spot, TK Maxx! To save time washing and drying hair, it was one of my many hats-£7.99 from TK Maxx also.

Next step, Aqua Challenge- a floating assault course from which my poor arms and legs are still recovering!

Despite my intentions to be healthy this week, I couldn't resist the temptations of pancakes-especially when I had the offer of help from an enthusiastic 8 year old. Since I was on a roll, it only seemed right to make up some of Jamie's Epic Hot Chocolate for dipping and pouring-as preferred by Robbie! 

Being off for 3 days this week has also given me the chance to pursue one of my favourite activities-scouring the charity shops and was delighted when I found this cape-still with the Top Shop labels on it-for £7.00! 

It was also the perfect excuse to wear my Superdry No 2s in brown and, of course, pink!

So that's half-term over and it's back to school tomorrow but I did manage to find time for lots of shopping, creating ways of displaying favourite pieces in your home and some fab buys for your Spring garden but more of that next time.